ROM Toolbox by Jrummy [SassiBoB Review]

Today, SassiBoB shows you an app called Rom toolbox by Jrummy. It’s like Rom Manager, set cpu, absolute system tools, terminal emulator, adblocker, and the Do-it-Yourself section at Walmart. BoB gives a hands-on run through of the app and feaures. The app file size is 2.9m and there are lots of permissions to allow, but because this app does so much, that’s expected. This is recommended as a must-have app for root users. So if you root your device, check it out! Email the developer at for troubleshooting, or if you’d like your ROM to be considered for this app. Don’t forget to follow BoB on twitter to give her recommendations and ask her questions! Check out the video.

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AFAICT you've coeverd all the bases with this answer!
Joaovictor хэзээ бичсэн: 6:56 PM, Friday, February 1, 2013 | |
I think you hit a bulsleye there fellas!
James хэзээ бичсэн: 6:56 PM, Friday, February 1, 2013 | |

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