SHW-M250L aka Galaxy S2 LGU+ manual update to ICS

Download ROM for your phone from here.
Download all files and extract then you will have one .tar file.


1. Download Odin 3 v1.8

2. Power on phone by Download mode and plug to USB (Download Mode: Push Volume down + Home + Power buttons together and after power on push Volume up button)

3. Open Odin 3 v1.8 and select downloaded .tar file on PDA then click Start.

4. It takes about 3 minutes. Until it finish don't touch USB and your phone.

5. Please be patient until it's done!

!!! Attention !!!

Please make your battery full before do this.
Don't touch USB and phone until it finish.

if something happened and your phone can't Boot up. Then you can use Octopus Box, ORT-JTAG Box to fix your phone.  Click here for more information.

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