How to [root] Samsung Galaxy S2 LG U+ m250l ICS 4.0.x


1. Download and install Tegrak Kernel

  • Click here and Download Tegrak Kernel Recovery
  • Power off phone and go to Download Mode (Volume down button + Home button + Power button and after screen on push Volume up button)
  • After that plug mobile to PC by USB
  • Open Odin 3 v1.85 and choose Tegrak Kernel on PDA
  • Then push Start button and wait until its finish (about 15-20sec)
  • Don't touch phone and USB cable!

2. Install Tegrak Kernel App

  • Click here to download apk file of Tegrak Kernel lagfix app in zip file and extract it (You can find and install from Play store too).
  • Copy extracted apk to your mobile and install it.
  • Now you can see TEGRAK KERNEL+Donation app icon on your phone. Open it and check Enable ROOT.
  • Congratulations your Galaxy SII m250l is rooted successfully.

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This makes everything so completely pailsnes.
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