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Google warns Glass wearers: Quit being 'CREEPY GLASSHOLES'

Google has updated its information website for its Glass Explorer programme to include a list of "dos and don'ts" for its head-mounted computers, including one rather unexpected admonition.

"[Don't] be creepy or rude," the last item on the list cautions, "(aka, a 'Glasshole')."

It's a surprising turn of phrase, coming from Google. The Chocolate Factory has been none too pleased with the popular nickname for wearers of its Android-powered specs – enough so that some Googlers have asked The Reg if it could please stop using "Glasshole" in headlines.

Rarin' to buy an Ubuntu phone? Maybe not until 2015, Canonical man says

Commercial smartphones running the mobile version of the Ubuntu Linux distro probably won't be available through carriers until 2015 at the earliest, a Canonical spokesman has revealed.

When Canonical CEO Jane Silber first announced plans to port Ubuntu to phones last year, she said the goal was to ship the first handsets with the OS preloaded by the end of 2013.

That didn't happen, and from the sound of it, Ubuntu fans probably shouldn't hold their breath for a dedicated Ubuntu phone this year, either. Even if one does appear, it will likely be a limited-run device targeting niche

Ubuntu Touch OS wins its first smartphone partner

Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth

Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth

(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

PARIS -- Ubuntu Touch has its first customer, CNET has learned.

Canonical has just signed its first deal to supply a smartphone with its mobile operating system, Canonical founder and product strategy leader Mark Shuttleworth revealed in an interview here at the LeWeb conference. He wouldn't say which company has agreed to use the Linux-based OS, but said it will be offered on high-end phones in 2014.

"We have concluded our first set of agreements to ship Ubuntu on mobile phones," Shuttleworth said.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Hardware specs, software, and release date rounded up

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept art

In an odd twist, it appears that the Galaxy S5 — which will be unveiled on February 24 at MWC in Barcelona — will probably be waterproof, rugged, and designed for those with a “fit” and “alive” lifestyle. This information comes from a new teaser video (embedded below) that also suggests that the Galaxy S5 will have an improved camera, with slow motion and perhaps time-lapse functionality. Rather than make every Galaxy S5 waterproof and rugged, there is a rumor that Samsung will instead release two models, kind of like the iPhone 5S and 5C. Read on, for

'No permission' Android apps can see and share your data

  • "No-permission" Android apps can access potentially sensitive data on your phone
  • The bigger problem isn't malicious exploitation, but rather that app developers are "sloppy"
  • Don't install apps that require too many permissions, and report any suspicious activity

Editor's note:
Amy Gahran writes about mobile tech for CNN.com. She is a San Francisco Bay Area writer and media consultant whose blog, Contentious.com, explores how people communicate in the online age.

(CNN) -- Savvy Android users tend to be wary of installing apps that request seemingly unnecessary

m110s GFAN ROM Google Login error solution

[SOLUTION:] Can't establish a reliable connection to the server

CREDITS GOES TO: to crazzzzy (and many other users) (pandawill) for posting this solution.


- Account sync OFF permanently with the message: "Sync is currently experiencing problems".
- Signing in Google Apps fails showing message: "Can't establish a reliable connection to the server"

Possible Cause:
- system file named 'hosts' (/etc/hosts) points to a Google server that changed IP, thus blocking access to Apps.

Possible Solution:
- edit 'hosts' file (/etc/hosts)

[HOW TO] - Fix "can't mount dbdata" error SGS

  • E:failed to mount /sdcard (files exists), E:copy_dbdata_media:Can't mount /sdcard. 
  • E:Can't mount /dev/block/stl10 (invalid Argument) 
Note: This method works with the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.
If you have a different Galaxy S (like i9000b, i9003 etc) and you managed to fix the problem using this guide please leave a comment and say which model you have.
If you ever see the messages above when you enter the recovery mode follow the instruction below to fix it!
This happens when you run repartition with a new .PIT file. When you do that the partition that include the dbdata file will

How to Create Update.zip Backup File for all your Android Apps

Lately, we have covered many apps and tools on Guiding Tech that can help you with backup and restoring Android apps easily. The thing is, 7 out of 10 times someone has to back up and restore apps on his Android is because he is probably trying out a new custom ROM on his device. Other than that one hardly needs a reason to restore backed up apps frequently.

Now, whenever someone installs a ROM on his device, it’s done using a custom recovery installed on the device like the ClockworkMod recovery or the EXT4 recovery. Moreover, these ROMs are packed as zip files, which are flashed to install

Create Your Own Odin Images For Your Samsung Droid Charge

If you just got your Droid Charge and this is in fact your first fling with Samsung devices, there is a very important program that you will need to become familiar with if you were to try any of the fixes posted in this site. Odin, named after the Nordic God, is essentially a RUU for most Samsung Galaxy devices. Simply put, Odin will allow you to flash tar images to your Android devices. One very useful application of this is to be able to back up and restore the complete system. Some of these images must be prepared in order to be flashed and XDA Recognized Developer imnuts provides

ROM Toolbox by Jrummy [SassiBoB Review]

Today, SassiBoB shows you an app called Rom toolbox by Jrummy. It’s like Rom Manager, set cpu, absolute system tools, terminal emulator, adblocker, and the Do-it-Yourself section at Walmart. BoB gives a hands-on run through of the app and feaures. The app file size is 2.9m and there are lots of permissions to allow, but because this app does so much, that’s expected. This is recommended as a must-have app for root users. So if you root your device, check it out! Email the developer at jrummy16@gmail.com for troubleshooting, or if you’d like your ROM to be considered